Signing things is easy.

Getting there should be too.

Enter D'accord – a multi-party, peer-to-peer agreement tool built for people who negotiate contracts, but want to minimize the hassle and maximize security.


What can you do with D'accord?

Electronic Signature

Sign documents timely, securely and tamper-proof.


Share documents, manage versions and reach an agreement with multiple parties.

Document Storage

Add and store documents in a distributed way and encrypted end-to-end.


Why use D'accord?

Put security first.

Contracts are sensitive affairs. That’s why D'accord relies on end-to-end encryption in all transactions, ensuring only users have access who are meant to have access. Plus, D'accord is data minimising and GDPR compliant.

Say goodbye to server-side.

D'accord relies on distributed data storage via IPFS, which means no data is collected on any central servers. Files are exchanged directly between users (peer-to-peer), putting you in control. Don’t trust us, trust yourself.

Keep track of what's important.

An audit trail documents every change to a contract and user interaction – giving you time to focus on more important tasks, instead of losing your nerve over docs, versions, files or lengthy email back-and-forth.


It's as easy as one, two, three, agree.

D'accord makes contracting effortless.
Simply upload your documents, add others either as a signing party or viewer you want to keep in the loop,
update your documents while keeping track of changes and everyone notified, and then sign once everyone is on board.

Upload Documents

Add contract files via drag and drop. They are automatically encrypted and anchored to the blockchain.

Invite Parties

Add signers and viewers by Ethereum address, email, or invitation link.

Update contract

Upload new documents with seamless versioning and maintain a gapless audit trail. Get notified about edits and interactions.

Sign & multi-party-agree

Sign a hashed contract version using your wallet. Close your laptop. Take a walk*.

* The WHO recommends limiting the amount of time spent sedentary. Good practice in these work-from-home times.

D'accord is based on the most mature and versatile blockchain ecosystem in the world.


Persistent availability for your contracts powered by distributed P2P file storage without a single server.


D'accord is betting big on decentralized identity and self-sovereign user profile management.


To securely build, automate and operate D'accord, we are using the state-of-the-art OpenZeppelin development stack.


Cutting-edge Web3 tech stack

Sounds complicated? Not at all. Rest assured, it’s just as easy to use day to day – only inherently more secure. Let us worry about the decentralized tech.

For further details on the used technologies and instructions on how to interact with D'accord, check out our technical documentation. Try out our ABI and leave us some feedback.